Classroom Etiquette

*Participation:  Primarily, we require your participation!  We want you to sing and dance with your child and give them the gift of your time.  Be assured, your child places no judgement on your ability to sing in tune or keep a beat...they DO notice, though, when you're having a good time.  Your child learns best from you, and mirrors your own enthusiasm...they will get out of it what you put into it!  Please keep in mind that children listen to talking all day long, so allow them to immerse themselves in music, and keep talking to a minimum.  Use your singing voice to communicate with them during class.  Your child will enjoy a positive musical experience if you are on board for this journey.  So come to class prepared to have fun, get a little silly and spend some quality music-making time with your child!

*Comfort Level & Safety:   Allow your child to experience class at his or her own comfort level.  Children will actively participate when they are ready, and in the way that suits their learning style best.  Sitting and watching, dancing or wandering around the room are normal and expected behaviors in a music class such as this.  All children need to be safe in our environment, so some behaviors (running, etc.) may need to be re-directed to ensure this.  A parent might want to try dancing them back to a safer activity or simply pointing their summersaults in a different direction might do the trick.  As long as they are moving in a safe manner (for themselves and other little ones around them), we can trust that they are soaking up musical knowledge!        

*Food and Drink:  Please do not bring food into the classroom. Besides the obvious dangers of possible allergies, food can be a big distraction, often causing a chain reaction and decreasing the children's attention to music making.  Not to mention the fact that we can get quite active during different songs, so we would like to avoid any potential choking hazards.  We want the children to be able to safely use their singing voices and food can prevent them from doing so.  Drinks, however, are fine as long as they are in spill-proof containers.

*Classroom Attire:  Wear comfortable clothing, as we sit on the floor, march, jump, skip and are very active during class.  Non-skid socks or slippers can be a good idea for your little ones as the floor can be slippery.  We ask that you leave your outdoor shoes at the door, so that we can keep the floors as clean as possible for little music-makers.  Feel free to bring a blanket to lay your non-mobile little ones on.  And finally, as sensitivity to synthetic fragrance is becoming increasingly common, please refrain from wearing perfumes or other strongly scented products to class.

*Siblings:  Siblings 8 months and younger may attend free with a registered sibling.  Although they may be little, they are still a very important part of our music making family and will benefit immensely from being part of the action!  So don't keep them on the sidelines...make sure they are with us and included in our circle during our time together.  Older siblings are welcome to visit on occasion, with the intention that they will be a part of our circle.  Any child attending on a regular basis must be registered for the class. 

*Sickness:  When deciding whether or not to stay home due to a runny nose or a nasty cough, please base your decision on the side of caution.  We want to keep our circle as healthy as possible.  It may be possible for your family to attend another class during the week to make up for the one you've missed, however, please talk to Tracey about this option first.  In the event this doesn't work for you , there will be a complimentary make-up class tacked on to the end of each semester, typically the week following classes.    

*Guests:  Although our class is limited to 12 registered students, any number of adults can come and join in on the fun.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, a nanny, individually or together, may accompany the children.  There is no need for permission!  Just prepare our visitors that they will be expected to join in on the fun!!  There are no bystanders in Music Together®!