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See what parents are saying about their experiences at Codabugs Music Together in Leduc:

"Tracey has been an absolute joy to work with for the past semester!  She is sensitive to the needs of each child in the classroom and works hard to with them.  Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed Tracey as a teacher and looks forward to music class all week; she even talks about her during the week, asking where she is and what she's doing :)  We will undoubtedly be attending another semester with Tracey; not sure how to break it to our daughter that she has to wait all summer before music starts again!!  Thank you Tracey for everything :)"


"We have been coming to class for 4 seasons now and we love it more every time!  My daughter is flourishing in class and outside class!  I hear her singing and also humming songs as she goes about her day.  I'm so glad she has such a passion for music and I definitely have Tracey to thank for that!"


"My son is always singing songs from the class, and even changes the words but keeps the tune going.  It was really a positive experience and we would recommend it to anyone with small children."


"We just really love the program and totally look forward to coming each week!  Wish we could go more often!  And the teacher has such a positive and wonderful personality it makes it a super enjoyable time for us:)"


"I love this program.  I have noticed huge leaps and bounds with my child's music development.  I have zero music education and would not have known what to do with my child to encourage their music development or even know how important it is to introduce this as a child.  We look forward to many more semesters."


"My child has started to tap along with the beat of any music she hears, and when she's upset, if I start singing some of the class songs with her name input into them, it quickly calms her down."


"After 2 semesters, he was finally trying to copy what I was doing with the instruments and during the free play instrument time he was dancing around :).  Normally he's just there taking it all in but not actually participating so it was nice to see."


"Tracey does an excellent job of leading preschoolers in music, rhythm and dance.  Her easy-going style made the class relaxed and fun not only for the children, but for parents and grandparents too."


"My child loves Music Class and asks to go multiple times a week!" 


"Our daughter constantly requests to hear music.  We often notice her practicing and singing on her own."


"Tracey is awesome with the kids.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  My child sings the songs at home all the time."


"Tracey is an excellent teacher who I believe has a great way with children.  My child has really responded well with her.  He sings at home and is interested in the guitar now."


"I loved the classes, and Tracey made them so enjoyable.  Not only were they fun, but we learned a lot about our children's musical development as well.  I've recently noticed that any kind of music calms my child when she's upset, and makes her smile and laugh when we're playing.  She's also started using the instruments we have at home a lot more."


"I just wanted to thank you for making our music experience something to remember for years to come.  When I signed up initially, I didn't think I would enjoy it so much!  I also didn't expect to see the kind of impact it has had on K & N."


"Thank you so much for your enthusiasm & direction in our musical journey!  We love music class day & look forward to many more! 


"Our little one loves her time there and we can see that she benefits from it by what she does at home."


"Very good class.  Enjoyed the variety of songs and activities to keep the child's focus."  


"Tracey has such a gift and is so natural in her role.  We will be back in the winter semester.  We think the program is great!"    


"Thanks I had a wonderful time and am excited about the next session."    


See what parents are saying about the Music Together® program:

"I highly recommend the Music Together classes which I have been taking with my 14 month old daughter.  Though I have been a musician, dancer and singer for years and started sharing these with my baby before she was born, I have learned a lot from these classes about how to bring these dimensions of the human adventure into her world in a way that is fun for both of us (and in a way that avoids the traumas of my own childhood music education)...

...The singing and playing of rhythm instruments is always done for joy and adventure of it and is not associated IN ANY WAY with "performance" or "doing it right".  We are making music together - no child (or adult!) is put on the spot to perform in front of others.  I guess I would say that the atmosphere is one of celebration rather than performance."


"I would enthusiastically recommend this program to others because it's fun, it's well organized ad it's aimed at the right level of toddlers and preschoolers.  Also both the musical selections and the activities are varied enough to make each class different and exciting within a consistent structure."


"My son Marc, almost 3, who often refuses to participate while at his Music Together class, more than makes up for it at home.  He sings all the songs and does all the movements when class is over."


"I highly recommend Music Together for kids 0-4 (some even older still enjoy this method of music explanation).  I found it to be the most engaging nurturing and fun way to develop both rhythmically and tonally.  As a participating parent I developed my own musical understanding and range.  I have been learning how to encourage my kids without being pushy and to spot developmental landmarks."


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